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Using Squeeze Pages - What Are Squeeze Pages and How Do They Help My Business?
If you have been online for more than a couple of days, chances are very good that you have seen a squeeze page. Squeeze pages are everywhere, and there is a reason for it. They work! Let's talk about what a squeeze page is and how they can help your business bring in the money.
Top Tips to Consider Before You Choose a Website Designer
A web designer can be for life, not just for Christmas. Are you serious about your business and do you want to make it profitable? Silly question, of course you do. So what you really need is a web designer who can help you make your business a success, grow with you and support you with your Internet Marketing. It is going to cost you several hundred to get a website online, but you might spend thousands trying to get the right web designer if you do not get the right web designer first time.
Need a Website? 3 Questions You Should Know Before Doing-It-Yourself Or Before Hiring a Web Designer
What do you need a website to do for you? I just may have the answers that will help solve your questions.
Website Design Strategy You Must Have
Building a hard hitting website that generates large volumes of sales dollars or captures massive amounts of email addresses must contain several basic items. Miss any one of these basic points and you run the risk of losing lots of potential sales, fail to generate email leads and flat out lose your hard earned money. Use these NINE basic points in all of your websites and you will maximize your hard work and efforts.
How to Insert Meta Tags and Why
If your web page says Home, Default or the url of your website, THAT is what the search engines see and what YOUR prospective customers see when looking for your web page. Here's how to fix it....
The Importance of Using Keywords in Your Content
Whether you are creating a new website or simply revamping your old one, the words you use are incredibly important if you are going to make the right impression on your visitors. Certain elements of a website will stand alone as practical and worthwhile additions - such as a hit counter for example - but when it comes to the words you need to make sure you do the research to choose the right ones that will attract the right audience.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Designer
Before you can get the right website designer, there is a number of factors you you need to consider as making the right choice can help to make your website and internet marketing very successful. Before you make that choice you need to look at the options so make sure you get in contact with at least a couple of different website designers so you have a comparison and can see what different options are available to you.
7 Steps to Building a Successful Web Presence
Doing business in the 21st century will eventually require every company to have a website in one form or another. Whether your site is interactive or simply informational, there are steps you can take to ensure you're on the right track to creating a successful web presence, seven to be exact (at least from our humble perspective).
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