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Kanga is one of the top-tier professional website development companies in Australia. We build websites for organisations that are looking to gain an edge over their competition, both in design and in search engine rankings. Having built websites for some of the biggest brands in Australia we provide complete web solutions for discerning purchasers.

Package Websites or a Custom Web Solution?

Depending on your requirements one of the following website packages might suit your needs, alternatively our web developers can design and build a custom solution. Please choose the most appropriate area of focus below.

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Successful websites only occur when experienced and knowledgeable developers and designers work together in harmony. Hence it is important to choose carefully as it often means the difference between success and failure.

We train and educate our developers because we know that our staff are our single most valuable resource - They are the lifeblood of our company, and they provide the backbone for all of the services that we offer.

Kanga's Rapid Development Process

We build websites that look great and that also rank well in the search engines. It is no secret that websites ranking well in the search engines bring in more sales. We give you the edge you need to take on your competition with unique, impressive and tailored websites right near the top in the search engines.

We are proud to be Australian and provide services for companies from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or any other city in Australia or any other country. We guarantee that we will always work to the highest of standards with all of the solutions that we develop for our clients. We are the only solution provider you need to talk with about your next project.

Web Services

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Web 2.0 Design
Website Developer
Search Engine Optimization
Package Websites
Product Management System(PMS)
Reporting & Analytics
Joomla Websites
CRM System
Web Programmer
Digital Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
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