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Joomla Coding Examples - Joomsef to Virtuemart

Joomsef to Virtuemart Patch/Fix for SEO & SEF URL's

As I have already spoken about in one of my other code snippets; Joomsef is one of the best SEF components available for Joomla.  It converts URL's from the base installation of Joomla into more readable search engine optimized URL's.

The Problem
Unfortunately the makers of JoomSEF want to charge to extend the SEF and SEO functionality to work for certain other components, one of which isVirtuemart.  In most cases the URL's are not english and readable, so this affects the ranking and recognition by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The Solution
Download the file below and follow the directions contained within.  Works on Joomla 1.0.12 stable, Virtuemart 1.1.10 & JoomSEF 1.5.0 (get the hacked copy from my site, hacked because I removed the Artio hidden tags!!!)

Download the full Joomsef & Virtuemart Patch here


Joomsef must be installed and working then just follow these procedures
1. Extract the zip file locally
2. upload the extracted contents, "com_virtuemart.php" file to your "<webroot>/components/com_sef/sef_ext" folder.

The plugin is now installed.

If you have any comments then please leave them in the forum.

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